Panasonic patent of 3-Layers Image Sensor

Panasonic applied for a patent about 3-Layers Image Sensor. It realized superior color separation performance. It will be that the color reproduction characteristics of the digital camera which adopted new Live-MOS improve.

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Panasonic 3-Layers Image Sensor Patent
  • Patent Publication No.2010-153658
    • published 2010/07/08
    • filled 2008/12/25
  • It laminates photoelectric conversion layer perpendicularly.
  • The layer consists of AlxInyGazN (0<=x<=1, 0<=y<=1, 0<=z<=1, x+y+z=1) epilayer.
  • It covers up a pixel in an insulator.
    • The insulator has the refractive index that is lower than the layer.
    • It acts as clad and shuts in Incident radiation.
    • It superior Quantum efficiency and color separation characteristic performance.
  • Back-side Illumination.
  • It established the separating layer between each photoelectric conversion layer.
    • It separates electrically.
  • Concrete constitution
    • The board is SOI(Silicon On Insulator).
    • It forms a separating layer(AlN, thickness100nm) on the board.
    • It forms a red photoelectric conversion layer(AlN, thickness100nm) on the separating layer.
    • It forms a separating layer(AlN, thickness100nm) on the red layer.
    • It forms a green photoelectric conversion layer(In0.6Ga0.4N, thickness0.8μm) on the separating layer.
    • It forms a separating layer(AlGaN, thickness100nm) on the green layer.
    • It forms a blue photoelectric conversion layer(In0.25Ga0.75N, thickness500nm) on the separating layer.

The technology about existing multi layer imager had many problems. For example, color separation performance is bad. However, it seems to be able to solve those problems if it is a patent of Panasonic.

The main maker of the imager would understand technology about multi layer image sensor in this. The concrete maker name is Sigma(Foveon), Canon, Fujifilm, NHK, Sony and Panasonic. Because I am lazy, I do not examine it about Toshiba, Sharp, Dalsa, Kodak, Samsung and others.


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