Nikon patent of imager exchange-type mirror-less

Nikon applied for a patent about a camera system which assumed that it could change image sensor.

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Imager unit

Imager unit: A ditch is seen as a guide rail.

  • Patent Publication No. 2010-258657
    • published 2010/11/11
    • filled 2009/04/23
  • A imager unit
    • It has a CCD or CMOS
    • It has a protection against dust actuator and protection against dust glass
    • It has a guide rail
  • A camera body
    • The part which adjusted a position
      • Fine ceramic(silundum)
      • The silundum is superior in radiation of heat
    • It has a guide rail
    • It has a mirror
    • It has a shutter
Imager unit

Imager unit: An upper figure.

camera body with Imager unit

camera body with Imager unit: No.71 is a mirror, No.73 is a shutter.

Imager unit

Imager unit

Nikon system chart

Nikon system chart


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