Olympus patent of finder of glasses type

Canon applied for a patent about attaching externally finder of glasses type. We will get possible to photograph it to look at the big screen.

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  • Patent Publication No. 2010-263324
    • published 2010/11/18
    • filled 2009/04/30
  • patent
    • A camera comprising the contact sensor
    • A glasses which display a picture
When a shutter was closed, it use the LCD
20101124_fig6.png 20101124_fig7.png
When a shutter opened; noncorrectional glasses
20101124_fig8.png 20101124_fig9.png
A contact perception sensor is equipped with by a camera. The picture which imitated a finger begins to be projected on the button if I touch it.
20101124_fig30.png 20101124_fig31.png


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